5 Troubleshooting Tips Before Calling For Service

No heat? Try these simple troubleshooting steps before calling for service.

1. Check Your Thermostat(s)

Make sure your thermostat is set ABOVE room temperature. If you have a digital thermostat that displays numbers on it, check to make sure the batteries are working and that the thermostat is calling for heat. If you have a turn dial thermostat, increase the temperature on it by 5-10 degrees to see if it calls for heat from the system.

2. Check Your Emergency Switch(es)

In some cases, there are multiple emergency switches to a heating system. One may be located at the top of your basement stairs, and one may be located directly on the system itself, or it may be in both locations. The switch should be in the ON position. The emergency shutoff switch looks just like a light switch, so sometimes it can accidentally be turned off.

3. Check For Fuel

Check to see if you have fuel in your tank. Don't always rely on the accuracy of your tank gauge. These sometimes (and quite often) can get stuck and read incorrectly.

4. Check Your Electrical Panel

Check to see if the breaker has tripped to the system or if a fuse has blown and verify that the system has power.

5. Try to Reset Your Burner

The burner is usually located on the bottom of your heating system and will have what's called a Reset Button on it. Most times this is a red button, but depending on the make and model, the button may be different. Typically, there are instructions right next to the button that instruct you on what to do and how long to hold the button for.

This causes the system to ignite the flame. It may ignite instantly, or might take a minute or two to kick on. DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON MORE THAN ONCE IF IT DOES NOT FIRE.

If the system ignites, keep your thermostat increased for about an hour to make sure the system consistently calls for heat.

If the system does not ignite and you have checked all of the other troubleshooting tips, it is now a good time to call for service.


Service Department Hours of Operation

Rinaldi Energy's Service Department is open from 7:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday.