NEW! Automatic Payment Schedules

We offer customized Automatic Payment Schedules for our customers to accrue a credit on their account to use towards their upcoming deliveries.

Automatic Payment Schedules

Paying for your fuel in large chunks can be difficult on your bank account and budget. We now have the option for you to make easy monthly payments to add funds to your account and take the stress away (a little!) from your heating bill. The idea is to start contributing to your account in the off-season, so that come Winter time you have a "piggy bank" to use towards your deliveries.

Our Plans are completely customizable and are generated based on what is going to work best for you and your budget. Plus you'll receive monthly statements so you have complete insight of your account balance!

Auto Pay October 1: $100

Auto Pay November 1: $100

Auto Pay December 1: $100

You now have $300 in your piggy bank to contribute towards your December delivery!

How It works:

Choose A Calculated Amount or A Custom Amount

 We can help you figure out a monthly payment amount based on your usage and what the average yearly spend is for your property.  Or you can set a custom payment amount. (ie $100, $200, etc)

With either option you can use your Budget Balance aka "piggy bank" towards your upcoming fuel deliveries.

Choose A Payment Billing Term

You can choose to have your monthly payments automatically withdrawn for a 12-month, 10-month, 8-month, or 6-month period.

Choose An Automatic Payment Date

You can select to have your automatic payments processed on the 1st of the month, or the 15th of the month, whatever option works best for your budget and finances!

Choose Your Delivery Schedule Type

 You can keep your account on a call-in basis and monitor your own tank, or you can enroll in Automatic Delivery and use your Budget Balance towards automatic deliveries.

Sign up for an automatic payment schedule now!

Complete your request online. A representative will then call you to confirm your enrollment and verify your payment details. If you have questions, call us! We'd love to help you find a plan that works best for you.

Heating Assistance Program

 Rinaldi Energy is a vendor through Maine Housing Authority's Heating Assistance Program (HEAP). This program helps qualified homeowners or renters pay for their heating fuel bill.

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What Your Neighbors Are Saying:

"I was using some of the local companies and it would take forever for a delivery. Unhappy with the customer service with others I decided to try Rinaldi as I heard so many good things about them. These guys are fast and have top-notch customer service. Very pleased with them they are now may go to people for oil delivery."

-William from Saco, Maine

"I have tried many different oil delivery services, and Rinaldi has exceeded all expectations. They are always professional and friendly on the phone, they email price drops, and they deliver within 24 hours. I highly recommend them."

-Michelle from Scarborough, Maine

"If you need a company that cares about their customers you found the right place! Not only do they call you to check if you need a fill up but also check after you have had service done to make sure you are happy. Great company and staff!!"

-Malinda from Westbrook, Maine

"Great value: easy, user-friendly, and straight forward ordering of fuel online. Always very friendly and professional customer service and on-time deliveries. Rinaldi Energy is by far the best fuel delivery service around."

-Denis from Gorham, Maine

"My first time ordering through Rinaldi Energy, they were very polite on the phone and I received my delivery the next day. They were very competitive in price. We couldn't be happier!"

-Matthew from OOB, Maine

"I have been doing business with them from the beginning. The delivery people and office staff are always friendly. I used to be a customer of one of the big oil dealers that charged way to much, and I like that Rinaldi is local."

-Ron from Arundel, Maine