Pre-Buy Plans

(Heating Oil Only)

What Is A Pre-Buy Plan?

A Pre-Buy Plan is a price protection plan that allows you to purchase your gallons upfront. This offers a simple "set it and forget it" experience, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind when heating your home.

How It Works

We calculate your average annual usage and allow you to pre-buy those gallons upfront at a protected price. You can make this payment in 1, 2, or 3 easy installments prior to the heating season. There are two different ways to protect your price with a Pre-Buy Plan:

Pre-Buy Fixed Price Plan

A fixed price plan locks in your gallons at one fixed price for the entire program year.

Your fixed price never fluctuates, even when the market price does. You’ll know exactly what your price per gallon will be, regardless of market conditions.

There are no fees associated with a fixed price plan.

fixed price

Pre-Buy Capped Price Plan

With this plan, your protected price is a capped price, or "max" price. This means if the price of oil goes above your capped price then you won’t have to pay the higher price! And if the price of oil goes below your capped price? Don’t worry- you’ll be charged the lower price!

A Capped Price plan includes a Downside Protection Fee which is what allows you to receive the lower market price if there is a dip below your cap.

Rinaldi Energy Capped Price

Benefits of a Pre-Buy Plan

Set It And Forget It!

Price Protection

Automatic Delivery

Online Access To Your Account

(Feature Coming Soon)


The current capped price for the Pre-Buy Capped Plan is:

Call for Pricing

Per gallon. This is a capped price, which means it is the most you'll ever be charged for a delivery, and you will receive the lowest market price when applicable.

The current fixed price for the Pre-Buy Fixed Plan is:

Call For Pricing

Per gallon. This is a fixed price, which means it will not change regardless of market conditions. You pay the same price.

Pricing subject to change.


If you are interested in signing up for a Budget or Price Plan, or want to chat with a Program Specialist to learn more, please fill out your information below.

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