Automatic Delivery

Enroll in an Automatic Delivery schedule that works for your home and your budget.

Advantages of Automatic Delivery

Discounted Pricing

Automatic Delivery Customers receive 2¢ off per gallon on every oil delivery, and always receive our lowest daily price.*

Have peace of Mind

There's peace of mind in knowing we will take care of your oil for you. You'll never have to worry about running out- we got you!

Save Time

Save time by not having to check your tank and gauge level regularly and eliminate having to call in to order your heating oil.

Discounted Service

Automatic Delivery Customers are eligible to receive $40 off on Annual Cleaning and Tune-Up services of your heating system.

Automatic Delivery Options

Degree Day Calculation

A Degree Day Calculation predicts when your next delivery will be needed by determining how quickly you typically burn through fuel.

This calculation uses your historic fuel usage and the temperature degree days to output your projected next delivery date. It also gives you a buffer so you never have to worry about your fuel running out or getting too low.

Calendar Day Schedule

The Calendar Day Schedule allows you to select any interval of time or set specific days of the month for your deliveries.

For example you can select automatic delivery every 21 days, 30 days, etc. or around the 1st of the month, the 15th of the month, etc. This allows you to budget and plan for when your deliveries will be made.

Examples Of Automatic Delivery Options

Mike- "Just top it off". Mike likes having his tank filled when he reaches about 3/8 of a tank. He enrolled in the Degree Day Calculation to calculate when he's at 3/8, so we just automatically deliver his oil to fill the tank when he's at that point.

Rebecca- Owns a rental property in which she takes care of the oil for the tenants, so she enrolled in the Degree Day Calculation option so we can deliver her fuel based on how quickly her tenants use it.

Lisa- Typically orders 100 gallons every 3 weeks in the winter time, so she enrolled in a Calendar Day Schedule to have 100 gallons automatically delivered every 21 days. In the summer months we change her schedule to every 60 days.

Kelly- Has all of her bills come out on the 1st of the month, so she signed up for the Calendar Day Schedule to automatically have fuel delivered around the 1st of the month.


Enroll In automatic Delivery

Complete the enrollment form below and a team member will contact you to complete your request. Please note that you will not be enrolled in Automatic Delivery until a team member confirms your eligibility and enrollment.

*Cannot be combined with any other eligible discounts.

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