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What is a heat pump?

Despite its misleading name, a heat pump offers more than just heat. With heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and fan settings, the heat pump is one of the most versatile systems that you can install for your home. A condensing unit is installed on the outside of your home and is connected to a discreet wall-mounted unit on the inside of your home. There are single zone and multi-zone systems available, depending on how large the space is that you are heating, or what you're primarily using your heat pump for.

How a heat pump works

Instead of generating heat, a heat pump transfers heat from one place to another.

In heating operation, the heat pump pulls the heat from the outside air, regardless of the temperature, and transfers the air through the condensing unit to be distributed through your indoor unit as warm, purified, air.

In cooling operation, the heat pump pulls the warm air from inside your home and transfers it outside. It also dehumidifies and cleans the air during this transfer.

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most energy efficient and eco-friendly heating unit

Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient and lowest "cost-to-operate" systems available. A heat pump uses 1 unit of electricity to output about 4 units of heat. Compare to an electric fireplace or gas boiler which uses 1 unit of electricity to output 1 unit of heat. These energy efficient systems are also better for the environment - they do not "burn" anything which means there are no additional carbon emissions - so you can feel better about cranking up the heat on colder days.

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As a Registered Residential Vendor of Efficiency Maine, we are able to provide instant discounts or rebates for eligible heat pump and heat pump water heater models.

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