Budget PLUS Plan

(Heating Oil Only)

What Is A Budget PLUS Plan?

Rinaldi Energy's Budget PLUS Plan is a Budget Plan PLUS Price Protection.

This plan gives you the convenience of smaller payments, peace of mind of automatic delivery, and protection of your fuel price.

How A Budget Plan Works

We calculate your annual fuel costs and divide them into 11 equal payments. The Budget PLUS Plan program year starts in June, so the idea is that you start making your payments in the off-season, and by the time winter comes you have built up a little "piggy bank" that goes towards your fuel costs.

How Price Protection Works

With a Budget PLUS Plan, you receive a protected price for your deliveries. Your protected price is a capped price, or "max" price. This means if the price of oil goes above your capped price then you won’t have to pay the higher price! And if the price of oil goes below your capped price? Don’t worry- you’ll be charged the lower price!

Rinaldi Energy Capped Price

The Best Of Both Worlds

Being able to break up your fuel costs into monthly payments is incredibly convenient, and the added bonus of Price Protection gives you the best of both worlds.

You'll pay one monthly payment which will include your fuel costs and your Downside Protection Fee- a cost we pay that allows you to receive the lower market price if there is a dip below your cap.

Benefits of a Budget PLUS Plan

Equal Monthly Payments

Price Protection

Automatic Delivery

Easy Automatic Pay

Online Access To Your Account

(Feature coming soon!)


The current capped price for the Budget PLUS Plan is:


Per gallon. This is a capped price, which means it is the most you'll ever be charged for a delivery, and you will receive the lowest market price when applicable.

Pricing subject to change.


If you are interested in signing up for a Budget or Price Plan, or want to chat with a Program Specialist to learn more, please fill out your information by clicking the link below. Or call us at (207) 571-4231

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