Standard Budget Plans

(Heating Oil & Kerosene)

What Is A Budget Plan?

Rinaldi Energy's Budget Plans allow you to spread out your fuel costs into equal monthly payments, instead of paying a majority of your fuel costs in the winter months.

This gives you the convenience of smaller payments, peace of mind of automatic delivery, and a way to plan ahead for your fuel costs.

How It Works

We calculate your annual fuel costs and divide them into 11 equal payments. The Budget Plan program year starts in June, so the idea is that you start making small payments in the off-season, and by the time winter comes you have built up a little "piggy bank" to use towards your fuel costs.

Your price per gallon will fluctuate and follow the daily market price at the time of your deliveries.

If you are interested in having your price protected, see more about our Budget PLUS Plan.

Benefits of a Standard Budget Plan

Equal Monthly Payments

Discounts on Fuel

Automatic Delivery

Easy Automatic Pay

Online Access To Your Account

(Feature coming soon!)

Real Customer Comparison

Here's a real comparison of a Rinaldi Energy customer in Scarborough, Maine. In the graph below you'll see the payments that they made in each month of the program year, versus what they would have paid if they had been enrolled in a Budget Plan. You can see that especially from November to January, they would have only had to pay half the amount if they had been on a Budget Plan!



If you are interested in signing up for a Budget or Price Plan, or want to chat with a Program Specialist to learn more, please fill out your information by clicking the link below. Or call us at (207) 571-4231

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