Budget Plans & Price Protection Plans

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What Are Budget and Price Protection Plans?

The rollercoaster of oil prices has made it difficult for Maine families to plan for their fuel costs, especially when 70% of these costs occur in the winter months.

Rinaldi Energy's new Budget Plans allow you to spread out your fuel costs into equal monthly payments, and Price Protection Plans give you protection from rising fuel costs.

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Budget Plans

A Budget Plan gives you the opportunity to make the same monthly payment throughout the year, instead of paying the majority of your fuel costs in the winter months. This provides a convenient way for you to plan ahead, and not drain your bank account during the winter when all of your other expenses go up too!

There are two types of Budget Plans:

We estimate your annual fuel costs and divide them into equal payments. Your price per gallon follows the market price, unless you upgrade to a Budget PLUS Plan to include price protection.

A Budget PLUS Plan gives you the benefit of a monthly payment, PLUS price protection! Your protected price is a capped price, or a "max" price. This means you'll never pay more per gallon than your capped price, even if the market price is higher! And if the market price goes below the capped price? You pay the lower market price.

Pre-Buy Plans

A Pre-Buy Plan allows you to purchase your gallons upfront before the program year starts. Your payment can be in 1, 2, or 3 installments, and will be reflected on your account as a credit for the program year. As you receive deliveries, the total for the deliveries will be deducted from your plan.

There are two types of Pre-Buy Plans:

Pre-Buy with Capped Price Protection

A Pre-Buy Capped Plan gives you the opportunity to pre-purchase your gallons at a capped price. As you receive your deliveries you'll have the confidence that your price per gallon will never be more than your capped price.  And if the market price is below the capped price? You pay the lower market price!

Pre-Buy with Fixed Price Protection

A Fixed Price Plan gives you the opportunity to lock in your gallons at one fixed price for the entire program year. Your fixed price never fluctuates, even when the market price does. This allows you to know exactly what your price per gallon will be, regardless of market conditions.

What Plan Is Right For Your Home & Budget?

Each plan that we offer is customized based on your annual usage and provides the convenience of automatic delivery.

To determine what plan is best for you, consider these questions:

Do you prefer to break up your payments or pay upfront? Would you prefer to have price protection or just pay whatever the daily market price is?

You can also use this chart to see the benefits that each plan offers.

plan comparison